Shooter's Alley is a state of the art pistol and rifle indoor shooting range. It is ADA compliant and meets the needs of any shooter. Staff is willing to make your visit a most pleasureable and fun experience. It sports 10 lanes with a digital keypad to control your target out to 25 yards. Action Target’s Smart Pad is an electronic keypad that gives you the ability to automatically send the target to pre-determined positions along the track. You can program Smart Pad to remember and replay a series of distances and positions so that multiple shooters can shoot the exact same course of fire. With Smart Pad you also have the ability to program and replay a series of target positions and turning actions.

Action Target's Target Retriever Smart Pad 




Where to Find Us:


1101 West Mile 2 Rd.
Mission, TX 78574


Phone: 956-583-GUNS (4867)